Monday, June 13, 2011

An excellent idea!

Hello! I was sucked into a work vortex again but I came up for air both fists swinging! Summer is here and it is looking great! I'm also using lots of exclamation marks because I'm really excited about the idea that I am about to convey....

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A swap.

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Thats right, I propose a summer farmers market local products swap. You know you want to join in on the fun. To put together a pretty package of honey and jam and whatnot and send it to someone near or far. Some of us are blogger. Some of us are not. However, we all like getting pretty packages. Am I right? So leave a comment to let me know if you are interested and I'll rustle up some rules and devise a sign up.

Monday, June 6, 2011

A thrifting kind of weekend

   This was an amazing weekend. As in, these are the kinds of weekends I put up with winter for.
There were some firsts. My mister and I went horseback riding on some back trails on a farm near the lake district. Excellent views of the mountains. It's alright to be surprised by these turn of events. Never underestimate the power of a fun sounding groupon.
There are no photos of the experience I am willing to post. I am not at my most graceful looking when perched on top of a horse.

Then there was the thrifting, the flea markets, the yard sales, and the all around good nature of people trying to find bargains on a beautiful day.

For example: I found this cookbook published in 1933. It looks, feels, and smells like it had spent part of its life trapped in a box under a leaky roof in an attic or basement. I think the woman was pretty surprised that anybody was even vaguely willing to take it off her hands.

They just don't make cookbooks like these anymore. Or maybe they would if cookbooks relayed less on pictures to convey the sense of style and atmosphere.  I feel like the author and I would have gotten along had we known each other in real life. Written by a woman named Mabel Claire I couldn't find a whole lot of information about her but her personality shines thorough in the way she writes.

This is a book where you, the reader, are informed that a canape' should be smart, like your dinner gown. It has a a discussion of one of humanity's most pleasing and useful foods. Cheese plates. It also asks the all consuming question "are you making use of the newer vegetable novelties the market offers?"

I've come away from this feeling like I need to throw more parties. Maybe wearing an evening gown.  I'll get back to you on it.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

This past weekend I had a perfect Saturday morning. I slept in until I woke up without the aid of an alarm clock and drank a leisurely cup of coffee. Took a lovely walk to a breakfast place in the neighborhood that I've been meaning to check out for a little while. I ate an excellent breakfast of eggs benedict, blueberry bread, and as much coffee as I wanted. I loved the atmosphere, the color of the walls, the friendly set up that reminded me of a friends home.

Then, as I paid our ever so friendly waitress it turns out that this was to be the last morning that they would be open. They were closing and the building was changing hands to new owners!

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The moral of the story is, try new things early. Or something.